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Why can you stay hopeful when it seems like all the odds are against you and your child? There are a lot of reasons why you can hope and we’ll just talk about one. Here it is:

Love and grizzly bear parenting is stronger than ED (eating disorder).

I know girls, women, boys and men die from eating disorders. Believe me, I’ve read the statistics. I also know we can’t live life with our heads in the sand thinking, “It will never happen to me.”

But I also know the power of love and the “mama and papa bear” that comes out in parents when their child is ill or in danger. It is that strong, grizzly, powerful love and protection that is going to help you help your daughter whether she believes she needs it or not.

In the past parents have been sidelined when it comes to helping their eating disordered children. You may have been placed in the periphery of your child’s treatment. I don’t have research to back this up; but parent’s lack of involvement could be part of why treatment has been less than effective over the years.

Thankfully that is changing. The Maudsley Approach is becoming more respected as the treatment of choice if you have a teenage anorexic daughter or son. Research is showing it is more effective than individual therapy and recovery rates are impressive to say the least.

You can have hope because there is a form of treatment that empowers you as a parent. The Maudsley Approach gives you permission to allow the mama and papa bear in you to come out; not toward your daughter but directed at the eating disorder. She needs you to get grizzly toward ED so you can save her life.


Do you want to learn more about eating disorders?

If so, download my free e-book “Eating Disorder Basics for Parents” here http://www.why-my-daughter.com/edb.html

Lynn Moore educates, coaches, and consults parents on how to help their adolescent with eating disorder behavior. She will help you figure out what kind of help you need and what you can do to help your child.


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