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Many of you probably know about this but I am going to give you the link to the Wall Street Journal article in case you haven’t.  The long and short of it is; Diet Pepsi has come out with what they are calling a “skinny” can and it is being launched at New York’s fashion week.

Many say, “Its just a can.”  And you will read other arguments as well.  Here is the article link.


I’d encourage you to put your 2 cents in but believe me your opinion on this is worth far more than that!

This was my response.

“’It’s the Diet Pepsi media campaign that’s the problem, she says. The campaign celebrates being skinny and suggests that strong, confident women must be so.’” And that it is “being paired with fashion week” is the problem.

For those who see this as ridiculous and that it is just about a can shows how much we have bought into the cultural “norms.” We are unknowingly brainwashed to the point that we don’t even think for ourselves about possible consequences to others. We just inhale whatever the marketers, money makers and media say.

Anyone who does “think” about the impact of a given marketing ploy on other people, no matter how large or small the percentage of those impacted, are ridiculed and are sarcastically deemed stupid. After all, if it doesn’t affect me, then who cares right? That’s your problem.

What has happened to compassion and empathy in our society? Other companies have come out with these taller and “skinnier” cans but there was no reference made to body image. It was marketing without an agenda for body size and appearance.

Pepsi needs to take an empathy class I guess and I personally am glad I don’t use that brand. If I did, I’d be switching to diet coke or nothing at all.”

Go Make Your Voice Known!  There are many young women and men suffering from eating disorders right now who do not yet have a voice.  The only voice they hear is the voice of the eating disorder.

Be their voice!  Take a stand for the sake of our young people and the impact this kind of culture shaping marketing has on them.  I’ll get off my soap box now.  What’s that country song lyric, “You have to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.”

Go to this Wall Street Journal link and take a stand.  Be the voice of those who are too ill to speak.  Protect future generations from the cultural crap they are being fed on a daily basis!



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