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I love using art and music in therapy. It is a powerful way for people to express themselves.

When my own dad committed suicide almost 7 years ago I was lost in terms of finding a way to express my thoughts and feelings.  I have always been a writer and have journaled most of my adult life.

When my dad died in this violent fashion though, I could not write.  There were no words.  I had always wanted to try art but was scared and felt like I would humiliate myself if I tried.

I decided to risk it in the hope it would help me express my grief.  Long story short…it did!  I cannot tell you how art saved my life.

Art especially, is something you don’t need to be in therapy to do.  There are so many “non-artist” activities you can do to explore your eating disorder and recovery.

Enjoy these two articles…one found recovery in art and the other in music.



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Lynn Moore educates, coaches, and consults parents on how to help their adolescent with eating disorder behavior. She will guide you through the treacherous waters of deciding what kind of help you need and what you, the parents need to do and can do to help your child.


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